IPA CIS Accountability Framework

Interparliamentary Assembly
of the CIS Member Nations
Consists of national parliamentary delegations. A Parliamentary Delegation consists of representatives of a Member Nation elected or appointed by the Parliament of a Member Nation Party to the IPA CIS Convention
Consists of the heads of parliamentary chambers and is responsible for the governance of the Interparliamentary Assembly
Permanent Commissions
Their mandate is to draft model laws and other legislative instruments for subsequent approval at the sessions of the IPA CIS Council and the Assembly
The Secretariat is the permanent administrative body of the Assembly Council to assist the Interparliamentary Assembly, the Assembly Council, permanent and ad hoc commissions and other bodies that may be established in accordance with the IPA CIS Convention
Youth Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS Member Nations
The Youth Interparliamentary Assembly was established by the decision of the IPA CIS Council of 22 November 2012 and will consist of young parliamentarians delegations from Member Parliaments