9 november 2020 National Flag of Azerbaijan Republic Celebrates 102nd Anniversary

The first three-color National Flag of the Azerbaijan Republic was approved as a national symbol by the Decree of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic of 9 November 1918. It remained the symbol of the statehood of Azerbaijan until April 1920, when it was replaced by the flag of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.

On 5 February 1991, the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic adopted the Law on the National Flag of the Azerbaijan Republic, which gave the tricolor flag the status of the National Flag of Azerbaijan again. On 18 October 1991, the Azerbaijan Republic restored its sovereignty, declared itself the successor of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and adopted its national symbols, including the flag.

On 17 November 2009, President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev signed a decree declaring the 9 November as the National Flag Day. The holiday has become an official day off.

On 1 September 2010, the National Flag Square was inaugurated in the capital of the Azerbaijan Republic in Baku. The Emblem and the Map of Azerbaijan installed on the square are made of gilded bronze, as well as the text of the national anthem, placed on the basis of the flagpole. On the initiative of the President of Azerbaijan, the National Flag Museum was established on the square.