Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Official name: Украина (Russian), Україна (Ukrainian), Ukraine (English)

Капитал: Киева  
Официальный язык:  украинский 
География:  Easte-европейское государство граничит Польша, Словакия, Венгрия, Румыния и Молдова на западе и юго-западе, Беларуси и России на севере и востоке.
Площадь:  603 700 кв км.  
Население :  45,5 (2012) Телефонный код: +380 Валюта:  гривна (UAH), один гривна = 100 Копейка. 

Flag Flag Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Emblem Emblem Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada

Originally called the Supreme Soviet and established in 1938. On 16 July 1990, it adopted a Declaration of National Sovreignity and on 24 August 1991 to be followed by the Act of Independence.

Seats: 450

Mandate: MPs are elected for five-year terms on a majoritarian principle through general, equal, free, direct elections with personal and secret ballot. Eligibility age is 21 years and last five-year residence requirement. Half of the house is elected under a proportionality principle (225) on party lists. The
other half is elected under a majoritarian principle
Dmitriy Razumkov
Speaker of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine